NY Blue Line Consulting Group provides all facets of experienced and professional consulting, training and presentation services related to law enforcement and private/corporate security sectors in a multitude of areas.


Our consulting services focus on our client's most critical issues and objectives with an eye toward risk management and professionalism.


Whether it is initial development of written policies or comprehensive review of existing operational procedures, our staff will ensure your goals are met.


Our consultation services are not only comprised of protocols & operations; we also conduct incident after action reviews/reports, extensive physical site security surveys, threat assessments and analyses at all levels utilizing ASIS accredited standards.



The vital impact that training has on your personnel and organization can not be overstated. Our professional training services are provided by some of the best industry experts and are based upon field-centered best practices that are specific to your needs. While there are pros and cons to each technique, our group will assess your objectives and determine the correct method or blended approaches to achieve the desired goal.


The most common and effective methods of training include:

· Lecture
· Discussion
· Demonstration
· Exercise



Our group realizes the importance of communicating relevant messages and information to your audience - no matter how large or small.


Whether it is a closed door session for stakeholders, a classroom setting, a large conference venue, or a report in writing, we will tailor the presentation in length, style and content to be optimally effective. 


Our staff members are experts in their field and will share the wealth of valuable and respected knowledge they possess.