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Dr. Tamara D. Herold

On Staff

          Dr. Tamara D. Herold (formerly Madensen) is an American Crime Scientist.  She uses the crime science perspective to study the criminological impact of the design and management of places, as well as crowd and neighborhood dynamics associated with violence.  She is currently an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), where she serves as teaching/research faculty and Graduate Director for the department’s masters and doctoral programs.  Her courses focus on criminological theories, crime prevention, and statistics/analytical techniques.

          Tamara also currently serves as Associate Director of UNLV’s Center for Crime and Justice Policy and as Director UNLV’s Crowd Management Research Council, focusing on improving crowd control tactics and tourism security.  Her research team conducts, coordinates, identifies, and disseminates interdisciplinary and international research on effective crowd management strategies.  Empirical evidence is used to develop crowd manager decision-making frameworks and tools to enhance the safety of crowd-based events.

          In 2016, Tamara began serving as a consultant to the University of Cincinnati/ International Association of Chiefs of Police – Center for Police Research and Policy.  She has helped to implement and evaluate a wide variety of violence reduction projects, including focused deterrence, hot spots policing, and place network investigations (PNI).  She has also conducted systematic reviews on de-escalation training and violence against police. In 2020, her team received funding to implement her PNI violence reduction strategy in seven major U.S. cities.  Tamara also serves on the Research Advisory Council and Criminal Intelligence Working Group for the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

          Tamara’s publications propose, extend, or test crime science theoretical models.  They also help translate research findings into practice and policy.  Her work has appeared in various outlets, including Criminology, Justice Quarterly, and Criminology and Public Policy.  She has authored two textbooks (on statistics and criminal justice) and her edited book, Preventing Crowd Violence, has been translated into two foreign languages.  She has published numerous practitioner-focused research papers, including two Problem-Oriented Policing Guides funded by the COPS Office, including one on Student Party Riots and one of Spectator Violence in Stadiums.  Two of her research monographs, one on preventing school shootings and one on reducing gun violence, have received recognition from the Center for Problem Oriented Policing.

          As a guest faculty member for the International Association of Venue Managers, Tamara presents annually at the Academy for Venue Safety and Security conference.  She has trained 1000s of venue managers, security personnel, and police on the basics of crowd psychology and on responses to mass casualty incidents.  She has served as an expert witness for the Kansas City Chiefs and has consulted for the National Football League and Major League Soccer.  She has also provided training to police personnel and academy recruits across the U.S. and internationally and continues to work closely with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Silver State Law Enforcement Academy, and the Cincinnati Police Department.

          Tamara is the recipient of numerous research and teaching awards.  She received the 2017 Herman Goldstein Excellence in Problem-Oriented Policing Award for co-developing the violence reduction initiative, Place-based Investigations of Violent Offender Territories (PIVOT).  At UNLV, Dr. Herold has received the CSUN Faculty Excellence Award, the University Spanos Distinguished Teaching Award, and the College of Urban Affairs Teaching and Community Engagement Awards.

          After completing her undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree and graduate Master of Arts degree at California State University, San Bernardino, Tamara earned her doctorate from the University of Cincinnati with an emphasis in Criminal Justice Systems Policy and Crime Prevention.  She attended the University of Cincinnati to study with Dr. John E. Eck, the author of the SARA model of problem-solving. Although she initially intended to become a police officer, her accidental foray in an academic career has allowed her the opportunity to work with police throughout the world.  She is honored to work with the amazing men and women who serve our communities.

          Despite serving on numerous boards and committees and a busy travel schedule associated with her research, Tamara finds time for road cycling and live music concerts.  Originally from Southern California, she currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, but spends a great deal of time in Boulder, Colorado, where her spouse serves as Chief of Police.  Her two dogs, Warden and Dali, demand the rest of her free time.

          Tamara is proud to serve as staff and provide research support for NY Blue Line Consulting Group.

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