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Dennis R. Nayor
On Staff

     Prior to joining NY Blue Line Consulting Group, Chief (Ret.) Dennis R. Nayor served for over 21 years with the City of Oneonta Police Department, Oneonta, New York.  During his tenure, Dennis served in many capacities starting with patrol officer and working his way up the ranks ultimately becoming chief of police for nearly five years.

     For much of his career with Oneonta Police Department, Dennis has served as an avid instructor in defensive tactics, firearms, physical fitness, DARE, and police general topics, as well as the agency’s Public Information Officer.

     As chief of police for Oneonta Police Department, Dennis prepared and administered a 3.2-million-dollar annual operating budget while successfully improving all departmental operations. He significantly enhanced police services and professionalism through a progressive and positive leadership approach, and in addition to leading his department to New York State accreditation, he also created many highly successful community-oriented policing programs to facilitate a collaborative and transparent model of policing.  As a veteran police instructor and a staunch supporter of continual training, Dennis substantially elevated in-service training hours for all department members to include mandatory annual refresher training in EVOC and defensive tactics.  With the same progressive approach, he completely upgraded the department’s capabilities and advanced the department’s tactics and technologies to include TASERS, a fully implemented body worn camera program, a sophisticated multi-camera wireless downtown surveillance system, advanced weapon systems, and a state of the art communications center with haptic technologies, to name a few.

     In January of 2017, Dennis retired from the City of Oneonta Police Department to assume the role of Director of Research, Development, and Training for the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police.  In this capacity, he assisted the organization in improving and advancing the policing profession while serving as a resource for all police chiefs and command level officers throughout New York State.  In his role, Dennis focused his efforts on promoting the six pillars of professional 21st century policing by disseminating information that focused on: Building trust and legitimacy, community policing and crime reduction, technology and social media, officer safety and wellness, policy development and oversight, and training and education.  Along with creating podcasts, newsletters, and a quarterly magazine, he authored professional articles for law enforcement executives throughout New York State on a myriad of important topics.

     Dennis holds an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Hudson Valley Community College, a Bachelor Degree from SUNY Geneseo in Political Science, and a Graduate Certificate from the University of Virginia in Criminal Justice.  Dennis is also a graduate of the 240th session of the FBI National Academy and a graduate of the FBI LEEDA Command Institute.

     Beginning in April of 2018, Dennis shifted his focus towards law enforcement consulting with an emphasis on topics that include use of force, leadership, police training, risk management, agency image promotion, policy development, and community-oriented policing.

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