Rick Carroll
On Staff


            Rick Carroll has served with the Maryland State Police since 1999 and is currently the Commander of the Special Tactical Assault Team. He is a decorated veteran with experience in all facets of policing to include patrol, investigations, special operations training and the development of Maryland Police & Corrections Training Commission standards. Rick has served the majority of his career in special operations as operator, assistant team leader, team leader and has been responsible for highly specialized units such as Emergency Services, Public Order, K9, Motors and SWAT. Rick has extensive experience in commanding pre-planned and spontaneous high risk law enforcement operations.

            As Commander of the Emergency Services Unit, Rick identified significant gaps in national standards regarding protective equipment, police training, tactics and deployment of US Law Enforcement into situations involving violent civil unrest. As a result, Rick created a hybrid public order model that adopted European public order policies, training and equipment for the Maryland State Police. 

            In 2016 and 2017 he developed a modernized curriculum through the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions and delivered training and certifications related to Advanced, Intermediate and Basic Public Order Operations, Public Order Command and Planning for Police Executives and Less Lethal Impact Munitions and Chemical Munitions deployment. He has trained thousands of Public Order Officers throughout the Baltimore Washington Metropolitan area and the United States. He was honored by the International Association of Chiefs of Police with the “40 Under 40’ Award that the IACP, recognizes “40 law enforcement professionals under the age of 40 who demonstrate leadership, commitment, strong values, and excellence.”

            Rick served as the Vice Chairman of the National Capital Region Council of Governments Civil Disorder Unit Subcommittee and is a core member in developing national public order standards as he continues to serve with the National Institute of Justice Special Technical Committee on Civil Disturbance Unit Personal Protective Equipment, the National Institute for Standards and Technology and American Standards for Testing and Materials to reform US standards regarding public order policies, tactics, training and personnel protective equipment for US Law Enforcement. He currently serves as a chairmen in the NTOA Public Order Section.